Tuesday, November 4, 2014

what makes your home healthy- part II

The quality of the indoor air we breath, can be significantly affected by the cleaning products we introduce into our spaces.  It is important to know that we can improve our health & surroundings by being mindful of our choices. There are many resources pointing to environmentally & health-mindful cleaners.  In today's market there's an increasing number of products that exclude toxic chemicals & irritants (found in some mainstream brands), which may linger in the air or get left behind as we clean. However, the market is flooded with "eco-friendly" or "organic" claims & labels, making it difficult to confirm their validity.  This is where well known third-party verification comes in handy, as they are the market watchdogs on behalf of the consumer.  

Another way to control which products cross your home's threshold is to avoid buying products off the shelf all together.   You can create your own cleaners, thus reducing chemicals & assuring control over all ingredients used.  Everyday natural alternatives can be found in our pantry, using common ingredients such as: lemon, baking soda, cornstarch, white vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, etc.  If you're interested in exploring this route, you might try some of these recipes for natural non-toxic cleaning products.

There are also multiple companies (locally, nationally or online) that offer concentrated products that are certified green & require only adding water.  These can greatly reduce the waste associated with packaging, as well as be healthier & more affordable in the long-haul.

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